September 2015 General Meeting Summary:
Gigi, Doug, and Karen developed 30 second elevator introductions, discussed their works in progress, and set goals for October. Tom stopped by during his dinner break to say hello.
Doug: Finish first draft of Ruggles & Belle (300-325 pages).
Karen: Report on research in Ireland.
Gigi: Replace/rewrite scenes with new POV.

July 2014 Meeting Summary:
Tom, Gigi, and Amie continued to develop and polish pitches.
Tom: Focusing on re-writing/editing in August, 45 pages of new work to write and 123 pages revise. 105 pages were written in July and 27 pages revised. Will submit to four publications as none were done in July.
Gigi: Met about a fifth of the bootcamp goal and submitted new pages to Prosa for critique. Aiming to finish two new large scenes in August and assimilate critiques received in July. Maggie’s results also arrive in August.
Amie: Write her concept for a comic.

June 2014 Meeting Summary:
Tom, Gigi, and Rebecca continued to develop and polish pitches.
Tom wants to write 120 pages between his short stories and novel, as well as edit 120 pages of another story. He made two submissions in June and will make two more in July. He accomplished writing 40 pages in June.
Rebecca wants to write her pitch and to edit the first 1,000 of the Saltwater Women (her WIP). She would also like to submit to two literary journals.
Gigi is participating in the SavvyAuthors 2014 Summer BootCamp and will be writing 50,000 words for her novel during the month July. In June she entered the Maggies as well as wrote one new scene of her novel.

May 2014 Meeting Summary:
Tom and Gigi continued to develop pitches.
Tom is to submit to another publication and write 40 and edit 40 pages. He completed 60 pages of his novel.
Gigi is entering the Georgia RWA’s unpublished writers contest with the first section of her novel and will edit until submission. She will then write four new scenes. She did complete the COFW spring Power Draft and in fact won the critique.

April 2014 Meeting Summary:
Gigi and Tom discussed pitches and analyzed Tom’s first pitch draft.
Tom will revise 40 pages, write a new 40 pages, and submit to one publication.
Gigi will successfully complete COFW’s spring Power Draft goals, revise her current six scenes of her WIP, and write two new scenes.


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