Why ‘The Inkstone’? In Eastern calligraphy, ink was traditionally made as it was needed by the writer. A large stone basin would have water dripped into it. Then a smaller stone, an ink stick, would be ground against the stone basin with the water. The grinding of the two special types of stone releases fine black particles into the water, turning it to ink. It is our hope to help novelist polish their stories and presence, from the raw elements of first drafts, taking off the rough edges, until it is published ink on the page, be e-ink or ink on the pages of a book.

The Inkstone is a place of creation, where ideas can come to life. The image of the lone writer locked away in their room creating in isolation today is, if it has not always been, a myth. So join us and grow by refining your craft as a writer, a teacher, a storyteller, an artist.

Current Inkstone Activities:

Craft Book Club: See Facebook for current details.
– We select a book to read about the art of writing and meet to discuss it.

Death in the Afternoon: Last Saturday of each month.
– Take an afternoon to get out of the house and be around other writers who are writing. Come for a change of environment and to review your progress this past month and prepare goals for the upcoming month. There may even been some actual Death in the Afternoon to sip on while writing, which scientifically is proven to help. You can of course BYOB or BYOC (beer, cocktail, or coffee! To each their own!).

Workshop – Every two weeks, we meet for workshop on a particular topic, usually in sets of four classes (i.e. every two weeks for two months). Workshop concepts come from our members and are presented by them.
Past Topics:
Experimental Fiction presented by Tom Lin


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