Month: March 2016

Happy birthday, Inkstone!

Over two years ago in March, amongst coffee and pie on a lonely table in Sassafras Bakery, Gigi and I came up with an idea to start Inkstone. It didn’t come because the world needed another writer’s group or workshop, but out of necessity, since we were both working on novels, and there were no workshops around that were focused on novels or long-term writing.

Inkstone is and always will be about the needs of writers, because that’s where our seed originated from. I’m glad to be part of this literary community with all you talented writers, and here’s looking forward to many more bountiful years with you.


Finding your storytelling voice seminar

Hey, it’s been a while, how’s everybody? Why haven’t you joined Inkstone’s Facebook group yet? It’s where you’ll catch up on all the events that’s been going on with the group.

Either way, let me announce that we’ll be starting the first of our monthly seminar classes next Saturday, March 26, 2016, at the Kingsdale Giant Eagle Market Place at 3061 Kingsdale Ctr, Columbus, OH 43221, at 1PM. We’ll be discussing regarding developing your storytelling voice, and discovering the reason why you make the choices that you do as you structure your story to be read by an audience. For more information regarding this event, please visit:

The reason why I picked this topic as this month’s class is because Inkstone is readying itself for the return of our monthly novel workshop, which is the main reason why Inkstone was created two years ago in the first place, and the reason why we’re proudly bringing it back to our group. For more information regarding this event, please visit:

That’s all for this update. Enjoy the rest of March and hope to see you all next Saturday!